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BGM Engineering Manufacturing and Prototyping equipment

BGM has a two brand new Europlacer

IINEO 2 Pick-and-Place machines

used for high volume manufacturing

of surface mount circuit boards.

This machine allows us to automatically

place over 35,000 parts per hour. Top

side and bottom side cameras ensure every

component is placed perfectly!

             BGM has two MYDATA TP9 Pick-and-Place

             machines used for low to medium volume

             manufacturing of surface mount circuit

             boards. These machines allow us to

             automatically place over 10,000 parts per hour.

                          Our automatic stencil machines provide

                          high quality surface mount solder paste

                          application. These machines ensure an

                          even amount of paste is applied to each

                          panel. This important step in the manufacturing

                          process allows every part to have the proper

                         amount of solder to ensure high quality.

Our Conceptronic HVA HT 102 reflow ovens

safely heats assembled surface mount boards

to melt the solder paste and provide an excellent

finished product. This oven allows us to program

specific temperatures for each zone.

                    The TR7550 is one of TRI’s newest AOI systems

                    (Automatic Optical Inspection) featuring innovative

                    technologies. With a high end digital 3CCD full color

                    camera and four black and white angled cameras, the

                   TR7550 has a greater field-of-view for faster inspection.

          BGM has a Novastar Selective Solder machine.

          Selective soldering is the process of selectively

          soldering components to printed circuit boards

          and molded modules that could be damaged by

          the heat of a reflow oven in a traditional surface

          mount technology (SMT) assembly process.

     BGM uses an LPFK circuit board cutter to produce

     prototype circuit boards in-house. This allows us

     to have prototype boards in hours, instead of days.

     With this machine, we can produce 2-layer boards

     for either surface mount or through-hole applications.

BGM has programmable temperature and humidity chambers

for engineering studies in temperature robustness

of components, circuits and systems. We also have

high temperature drying ovens.

  BGM has an Electrovert Wave Solder machine

  for automated through-hole soldering.